Thursday, September 10, 2009


     I have come to the conclusion that i want to tell the unknowing world about IRC. What is IRC you ask?! It is an Internet Relay Chat; a real time chat platform similar to AOL chat rooms, but a lot less fail and a lot more nerdier.
      IRC works by connecting to a server (which there are thousands of), joining rooms, also know as "channels", and chatting with people from all over the world. The problem, and most likely the reason that many people don't use it; it is half a command line chat platform with many many many options to choose from.
      Aside for all that, it is a very effective way to chat with people from all over the globe, whether it be about a certain topic, such as guitar, or whether you just want to act like a complete moron and get away with it. The only thing is that you should be in the right channel for it, otherwise you will be most likely kicked and banned from a channel that doesn't allow that.
      Talking about IRC doesn't really give someone the full experience. So i encourage you to download one of the more popular ways to connect to IRC, which is mIRC. Which is available for download at - Also if you are a little more interested than the average person; please take a look at
      If you have any questions, or need real time help... I am available for chat on in the channel #tracer - Hope to see you on there!

/quit over and out!

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