Sunday, August 16, 2009

So Here I Go.

      So today i decided to start a blog after years of being against them. Why you ask? because i'm lonely and semi-need someone to talk to, so i'm going to talk to random people via a blog instead of talking to an actual human being; furthering the deterioration of human interaction due to the increase of technology.
      It all started the other day. I didn't go to work because i'm sick of it; sick of getting $8.50 for picking up after sloppy people in a hotel. I have a chance to earn more working some where else and decided to take a day off of my current job (which i have since quit). A direct effect of me taking that day off is my girl friend of 5 months gets nasty about it for some reason or another, and we have not talked to each other in 2 days and counting.
      It's quite silly how things are right now, but i'm finding it to actually be okay. She always wants me to open up to her and keep that wall between us down, but as soon as i do she strikes with her nastiness or something along those lines. I think she is trying to sabotage our relationship. Maybe i'm being paranoid. Who knows?!
      Here i am, all to myself. I've actually had time to do the things i have been wanting to do, such as, writing music and recording it down in my studio, relaxing, etc. Yet i am very lonesome. I'm going to go down and record a song or two now, and then i'm going to play DOOM 3 later, because this is what my life has lead me too.

End of Transmission.