Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Better Times.

       I seem to be in better times than my last post. My girlfriend and I worked things out, and as it turns out; I was being paranoid. So now I start my new adventure.
       Recently I was accepted in to SAE Institute of Technology, which is an audio engineering school. Naturally i have already encountered a couple problems along the lines to which i will now list.

*Trouble getting the registration fee
*Trouble getting someone to co-sign my loan

      Both are financial problems, being that I have no income! I have since sent out the enrollment papers and registration fee, and i have found a possible co-signer, but the thing is that I have less than 2 weeks to convince them to sign with me.
      Since I have found out about REAL financial problems; I have been doing tiny things to help pay off the future loan I will be receiving, such as, signing up with Upromise (which uses rebates from savings cards and debit/credit cards), selling things on eBay, doing odd jobs and other various things. This is why I encourage anybody who is in the same boat, or anyone who plans on attending a school, to save up your money!!! Unfortunately money is a large part of going to school. This planet is doomed.

Over and out.